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sick of lies!

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i've been with my fiance nearly 2 years and we have a 9week old baby together, but a week before i gave birth he told me that he's married but separated and gunna get a divorce after they sort out financial issues. i knew for quite some time that there was something he was hiding from me and it really hurt that he waited this long to tell me and im sure some of you are probably thinking i only stayed with him cos we have a baby together but its not true i stayed with him cos i love him.


the thing is that hes lying to me again and i honestly have no clue why. and because he hid things from me in the past i kinda look through his text messages now and its not something that im proud of, obviously i kinda have some trust issues to work through. before i met him he was staying in a bedsit cause it was just him but now hes living with me and he said his ex knows that but when i looked through his texts a couple days ago he told her that he was still living in the bedsit. which makes me think she doesnt even know about me.


i cant even wear my engagement ring without thinking about her so i avoid wearing it atleast until they get divorced.

i just dont understand the need for him to lie and i dont see the point of bringing it up cos i dont even think he'll give me a straight answer and im just too stressed out to deal with all this drama. I wish he would just tell me everything i need to know!!!!!

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You don't have any trust issues. You trusted him, he broke that trust by lying to you, and now you have to monitor him until he earns back your trust. Only way to avoid this stress and burden would be to break up with him and then his trustworthiness is no longer your problem.

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