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friends with benefits


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Hi there,

The friends with benefit is a tough situation. You have to be very clear about what you want when you go into it and not expect much but the occasional booty call.


As you can see it's easy to develop feelings when you are sleeping with someone. I say you might be jealous because with you it's just about sex, but with some other girl he might develop feelings and actually take her out on a date and treat her sweet. Something he is probably not doing with you.


I say that the minute you start having feelings for a friends with benefits then the deal is over. Time to move on because you may get hurt if your feelings are not reciprocated.

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muneca: thanx for ur advice. i really understand wat u are saying. he talks to me about every thing...other girls and stuff..and he actually asked me to hook him up with one of my best friends... idk what to tell him, cuz i dont want him dating her, not only b/c i am jealous, but b/c i know he isnt the kind of guy who can keep a gf..he cheats and sleeps around alot. what should i do?

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If you care about your best friend--don't hook her up with him. You probably shouldn't be seeing him either, but that's your choice right?


I think it's disrespectful of him to ask you to hook him up with your friend in the first place. What kind of guy is that? Even if you are just buddies.. thats very rude and insensitive.


Spare yourself more heartache and find a new friend. This guy is just looking for the next piece he can get his hands on. Sorry but that's how I see it.


Protect yourself girl. Take care

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