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Hey guys! Okay I don't have a big problem or anything but I would really appreciate some advice! So if you want to help me out keep reading! Thanks!


Okay so I recently have gotten a new job, and there I have made many friends, and one of which I kind of had a thing for at first and then I realized he had a g/f, so I moved on, but it kind of stayed with me every time I talked to him. Well last Friday I went into work very upset and people could tell I had been crying, well without making a big deal about it (which I liked) he mouthed the words, "are you okay?" and I shook my head, and he replied with, "do you want to talk about it?" and I nodded my head. So he came over and we walked outside and around the corner and we hadn't even gotten to what was wrong with me, b/c we always had something to talk about. It was awesome we just talked and talked…and before we knew it I looked at my watch and it was 6 15ish…2 hours of talking that felt like 5 minutes. It was great, and he made me feel so much better. And during this time somehow we got on the subject of how we both don't like prevocative girls or things like that, and then he just said..see you remind me a lot of my g/f..your fun and ya tease me and stuff" and inside I was like wow..he compared me to his g/f that's something! Ya know? And so then we kept talking and he would tell me how he doesn't like ditzy girls at all and things like that..and then we went back inside and with our job onl two people work together at a time and so we would both try to work with each other the rest of the night and then at times I would catch him looking at me or he would walk in the room and look at me and I d look at him and just kinda smile, and then towards the end of the night he asked me if I needed a ride home and of course I said yes, and then there is a group of us about 4 including me that hang out at work and hes in that group as well and they were all going to hang out after work and he asked me if I wanted to come…and I really wanted to but b/c of what happened before work I couldn't..but yeah that's basically my story as of now.


Okay so my question is this…does it seem like he may like me? I mean im not trying to get all 5 gradish on you but I need so advice on how to pursue this and all, considering the fact that he has a g/f. I really do like him and, we will work together all day on Saturday so I kinda need some advice so on Saturday I know what to do. So give me some thigns I could try to do/say to see what happens or any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much -celci-

----also give some advice that i can use...that is a big turn on to a guy! thanks.

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I would just keep doing what you are doing. You dont want to push him towards leaving his girlfriend, or else you will worry if you guys get together that he may do the same thing to you if you guys get together, you know?


Its also not a good idea to date someone you work with, especially at a new job. You dont want rumors to start spreading that would make your work environment unpleasant.


My advice on how to get the guy, if you are relly gung-ho about him......be yourself.

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