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Okay I wasn't sure where to put this.


I'm not coping really well with everything that is going on in my life at the moment. Mainly to do with my Grandfather. He was admitted into hospital 2 weeks ago because he couldn't stand and he was dehydrated. So he's better now that's good. But tomorrow he goes into a nursing home because he can't look after himself anymore, which is also good. But I went to visit him tonight and he has given up. He said to my Mum tonight 'I have left money for the Grandchildren in my will. Even for Scott' (my brother). I came so close to breaking down and crying. I know he's 84yrs old and I know that we all die sometime. But I just hate the fact that he has given up the will to live.


Then there's my Dad's father he colapsed and was taken to hospital today. I went to visit him in the emergency ward. And he looks terrible. He looks so thin and pale. He doesn't look like my Grandfather. I guess I'm finding it really hard to cope. I just want sit and cry my eyes out.


Anyway I really need to get that out.



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awe i am so sorry

i know what you're going through...my gradnparents have been there too. i know it's hard, but you're not alone. if you need to talk to any of us here, including me, please feel free to do so. you can get through this and just remember all of the great memories you have with your grandparents and continue to visit them as much as you can. they love you and nothing will ever change that. take care!

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