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Talking to her friends? Awkward moments.


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She asked to meet up with me yesterday, unfortunately i was busy at the time and when i was ready a few hours later she had other plans with friends. That was fine because she had pre planned with her friends if i could tag along, so i decided "why not, its an oppurtunity to hang out with her"

It was all going smoothly when i picked her up, i was kind of tired and frustrated from the day i had but i made sure not to let it show, We had a bit of a laugh trying to find the place and ended up in a bit of a stressful situation but it was fine, i laughed it off and carried on.

She thought it was hilarious and on several oppurtunitys would rest her head on my shoulder laughing as i was trying not to scratch the **** out of my car getting out of a sticky situation.





We got there eventually, i ran round the corner too get money from a cash machine, when i came back in.... BOOM.... silence... i found myself standing on the outside of a small group of people i didn't know.

She introduced me just as "Hey this is ........" and i made a few awkward hand shakes and greetings to people and i could tell i would have nothing in common with, i found myself for the most part making a few witty comments that would get a good laugh but that was basically it, It turned out fine in the end because she sat next to me and it went back to how it was.


They had no idea like me who i was to her, was i a friend? or more?.... she would say a few silly things like "Awww look at that old man" and i would get comments like "Oooo you better watch out she might be after him" she would just laugh, but it made me uncomfortable because i didn't know who i was to her and i definitely didn't want to say like "Oh we're just friends" so i would end up awkwardly laughing and looking away or changing the subject.


She would say all these things that made us seem like a couple and i didn't know how to approach them, She was telling people about what she did during the day and it would be like "Oh did you do that aswell!" its just like .... well no because we're not attached at the hip like a couple might be, this is the first time we've met up in a few days. asking me questions about her and i would be like "I have no idea...."


The night was fine in terms of us being together, I didn't feel uncomfortable with her again more and more comfortable if anything. It didn't feel like friendship at all but since hanging out nobody has said anything different, Anytime something like this springs up neither me or her have said "No we're just friends".


I felt like bringing it up but i couldn't think of anyway to word it without making it uncomfortable, i didn't want her to think all i wanted was friendship but at the same time if she considered me as ONLY a friend i didn't want her to get the impression i was only being her friend for more.


I might be meeting up with the same group of people next week and her, they invited me along again but im not going to just turn up without her inviting me atleast. if i go what am i supposed to do? just continue with uncomfortable comments and play a role that im not even sure i should be playing?

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I would laughingly say no it's not like that. I think if you're broken up it doesn't do much good trying to avoid using the word friends to define your relationship. In fact it's very possible you coming out strong and saying you're not an item can come accross pretty confident and have her thinking about that afterward.

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We're not broken up


We've never been together


We just randomly got on one day at work and gradually started meeting up firstly socially within groups of friends, (but tended to verge of together) then just by ourselves, its a two sided thing when it comes to meeting up she asked me alot and i would occasionally ask her and it would just happen.


Nobody at any point has questioned whether or not this is going to go any further, we seem to be getting more and more flirty with each other


Due to my own insecurity i just assumed one day i would hear somebody say something to her and she would strongly tell them that we are simply friends but its always left unanswered by the both of us.


Like alot of the situations above where the guy assumed i was her boyfriend or we were dating, she never strongly implyed we were simply friends she just laughed not at the fact he thought i was her boyfriend either... i always expect "No we're just friends!!" or something, She would say things that implyed we could have a romantic or connection beyond friendship that just seemed unusual, you just would'nt say it to a friend of opposite sex.


I don't feel like bringing it up and questioning it incase it becomes weird but then im not sure how i should be acting around her... carry on as i am and potentially see if something comes of it? or pull back to avoid people getting confused that we are a couple.




As said next week im going to meeting up with her friends again probably and her, i just don't know really what to do.... How to act, what to say when those sort of questions appear and i don't know the answer myself!

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