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Defining a date.

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I am 17 and have known this girl for over a year. Over the summer she broke up with her boyfriend. Though even when she was with him she still showed she kind of liked me.


Im pretty shy and she ended up asking me to homecoming and we had a blast. I was going to ask her to goto a movie but she aproached me first and just said


"I would like to ask you out on a date"


I said I was planning on asking her and we started talking about what we might do. We both had to go and said we would talk about it later. She went to vist a college yesterday and I didn't call her. Then today being no school I was hoping I might call her to ask he if she wants to see a movie. Took me a while to get the courage and I started thinking she said Date. So is she maybe thinking something more then just heading to a movie? I called but noone answered so I am figuring I will just talk to her tomorrow. What do you think I should do. She did choose to say Date rather then Hang Out sooo... A few of my class-mates said she is really into me but im kind of shy. Appriciate any help.

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