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am i wrong for feeling this way?

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k my boyfriend (of over a year) wants to go out partying now like he always has wanted to and like this summer i got more ok with it and everything like after we hung out he could go out with his friends and when i was getting to the point when i really didnt care if he went out or not, he lied to me and went out to my cuz's house and shes not the first person that anybody would want their boyfriend to be around. but the next day he told me about it and everything. but since then i really havn't let him go out out like i dont care if his lil buddies come over to his house and party but i dont want him going out. and like i dont know probably about 5 months ago or osmething he went to a party and his ex girl was there. but since all this i havnt wanted him to go out and he understood b/c he even said to me that he just wanted to see how much he could get away with. but i dont like it when he drinks b/c i have never seen him drunk and i dont know what he thinks or if he forgets anything ( like me) when he is drunk so i dont know if he does stuff with other girls or not. i dont think that he does cause im pretty sure that he wouldnt do that to me ...but its hard for me to trust guys b/c every relationship that i have been him before him i have been cheated on. but anyway am i wrong for not wanting him to go out and party all the time?

And tonight he called me at like 5 and talked to me for prolly 40 minutes and then he went out to eat with his grandparents and he didnt call me back till after 8 and he said ok im going to get online and im on there waiting and he doesnt get on and then he calls me and hes like change of plans im going to go out and party. so i got really really mad b/c that just messed up to me...that he ditchs me to go out and hang out with his friends and party. am i wrong for getting mad?

I just dont know what to say or think anymore so any ideas or sugjects anything would be helpful...b/c all of his friends and everybody think that im screwed up in the head .....am i?

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it sucks when ppl u care about choose alcohol and drugs and partying over you...i know how u feel tho ..my mother did that to me and my family...if they arent willing to change or u willing to meet half way ...its prolly not goin to work out in the long run im sorry to say...its better off tho bc u dont want to have even more pain later...and im sorry to hear ppl cheat on you ..i know how that feels not fun either ...u seem like a great girl tho ..hang in there and good luck hope i was helpful

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i know what you are saying about them not giving stuff up ....be before he met me and before we got serouis he was doing A LOT of really bad things like the worst you could think of he was prolly doing it...and as soon as he met me and we started really going out he stopped beacuse he knew that he loved me and wanted to be with me ....i just dont like it when he sits there and tells me that he will talk to me and then he will go hang out with his friends...but then he starts talking to me and 3 minutes later its time to go party

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