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is this a lost cause? helppppp


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So im in a dilemma..

I have been out of the dating game a while..it takes me a while to find some one i really like.. i am VERY picky.

i met a guy through a friend he spent the whole night and next moring staring at me finding everything I said funny,hanging on my every word etc and being really interested in me and just in general there was a very strong mutual connection.

I added him on facebook and told him it was nice to meet him etc..he replied saying basically the same.he moved to austilia(24hour plane journey) from me..he is coming back at some point tho. so i replied to his message even tho he had asked no questions.


I then didnt hear from him for about a week..in the mean time a friend of mine took it upon himself to hack into my mesages and send him a very 'deperate' message with my number and basially saying that it must be hard to stay in contact so to 'whats app' me and that i looked forward to hearing from him soon.

I was very cross about this as i thought i would never hear from him again..i would not reply to someone seeminly that desperate anyway.

Anyway he actually did reply but basically didnt say too much just that he was on nights and that he was being whisked away.

Now im unsure wether to reply or not??

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and dont want to get my hopes up fro nothing. Do you think I should just leave this as a lost cause or is he really into me?? the distance doesnt bother me as i have done long distance before!! thanks for any advice! x

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I think because of the distance and that you only knew each other in person for such a short time before he moved, it might be best for you to go on meeting people close to home and just lightly keep in touch with him on Facebook ("like" his pics etc) until something could develop.

You might not be on his relationship radar just yet.

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