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How do you know if no contact is working?


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I started LC with my ex as I can't do NC cuz we have kids4 year old and two month old.

I haven't talked to him unless about the kids and he just fights with me cuz he wants to take them to his new gfs and I won't let him.

I haven't posted anything on fb. So first he text me the other morning asking me if I remember why he had to go to court (for other kids) and I didn't answer so he text again asking if I got a new number witch I have and I didn't text back then he wrote me a fb message saying he has money for me and the kids but he would like to take us to get the stuff we need I said "why you dont trust me" he said"of course I trust you" and i said "then why do you need to take us?" he said so he can see themand I said ok maybe tomorrow.

Then I went into the liquor store with another guy and he was there after I left he posted a bunch I stuff on fb.

Then I went out last ugh and added pictures of me and my sisters going out he then goes and adds a picture of him and his gf and changed his relationship status.

And since I stopped talking to him he posts every single day 6 posts12posts even 20 posts everyday is he doing this cuz I cut contact with him no more hey how's your day texts

From what I hear their relationship isn't perfect but he's making it look that way

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Excuse me I'm not denying him access to his kids they got both my son and her son to lie to me and her bf so I'm sorry teach my kid to lie to me he's not going there he can take him, take him to the park or for dinner anywhere but there so his decision ... I won't see them at all. and he can't take my daughter cuz she's breast fed

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