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I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I met this guy two weeks ago, went on two dates this past weekend he asked me out on a 3rd, nice guy everything seems ok, in the past I haven't had the best relationships, I actually just stopped speaking to my ex a month ago. I'm not sure where this is headed but I like him so far and don't want to mess this up, how do I keep him on his toes? he asked me hangout today but I declined because I didn't want to seem so available...but I don't know if that's the right move, I need some major dating tips do's and donts any advice would be great thanks

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I don't like that you declined his invitation to hang out because you didn't want to "appear" to be too available. That's game playing. BUT, at the same time, I know why you did it.


What I'd recommend, is paying attention. Finding out what kind of guy he is. Look out for certain warning signs. His behavior, how he acts. (There are others.) Then decide how to approach it.


As for sleeping with him, I don't necessarily agree that you should always wait. That can wind up hurting you more in the long run.

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