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Advice on asking this shy girl at work out?


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Hey People


Well for the last 8 months this cute girl has worked in another department at the company i work for. I don't get chance to regularly see her except on Fridays as we're based in separate buildings. When we do get to chat its normally rushed as i'm passing through but from our chats we have a couple things in common and a couple things not in common, like she's a party girl and i've grown out of regularly partying although i do occasionally. She sent me a card at christmas and seems to try and be friendly when we bump into each other although she's also pretty shy hence posting here.


Well cutting to the chase I'd like to get to know her better but i don't know how. We are based in the middle of nowhere so i can't really ask her to hang out on a lunch break as there's no where to go! I've sent her links to things we're both into and talk about via facebook although she rarely replies through that so i'm not going to ask her to hang out through there.


She tends to work in an office with one other person when i see her which puts me off a little. I tried to compliment her on how she'd done her hair last week and actually ended up saying "you look...very awake for a friday afternoon" having bottled my original line!


I know this seems a bit desperate but i'm at a loss. Any advice ?

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The best thing you can do is just ask. In person.


Ask her if she'd like to grab a coffee with you after work sometime.


You don't need to explain it, or have a reason... other than you like her.


"Decide that you want it, more than you are a afraid of it" and take a risk.

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