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can't help but love a liar

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I recently broke up with my boyfriend of over 2 years b/c i am sick he is beginning to act like a pathological liar. Since we broke up he has said all the right things, sent me letters, phoned me, etc. Our relationship had always been very good and he treats me like an angel, but I don't know HOW to help him with this lieing. I haven't made contact with him, but soon I know I'm going to crack down and call him. Please I need advice, is it worth trying to fix a liar?

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If he is really a chronological liar...then no...they just get worse. I have a griend that I known from 3 years of age. He lied about stuff all his life. No big deal...years later he would lie more...about stuff to make him look cool and stuff. A few years later he would like for no purpose at all...but just to lie. And now...every word out of his mouth is literally a lie. I had to stop talking to him. At first I was entertained at how in depth he was in his stories, but after a while it is just hard to deal with.


Anyway...get away now. Once a liar always a liar.



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Tell him that you love him and appreciate all he has done, but that if he really loves you he needs to come completely clean with you. Tell him that you want to be with him, but he needs to choose between you and lying, and he can't have it both ways. Tell him he has to choose. And tel him to choose YOU

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