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Fear of everything

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I don't know whats wrong with me lately... I have always been a bit insecure in myself, never really that confident but in the last year or so it's becoming a real issue for me. Everytime someone asks me something personal about myself, in work or in social situations, I blush. This is terrible embarrassing for me, and I am sure that the people I am talking to don't know what's going on with me.


On top of all this, I am developing an unhealthy fear of being sick all the time. I work with kids so this is adding to it. I am going on holidays soon with my wonderful boyfriend, I find myself worrying about the flying, eating something dodgy over there and getting food poisoning.


I am allso always afraid of a member of my family dying. I lay in bed at night thinking about it and then develop a fear of being sick. Sometimes I almost believe that I can bring on nausea by myself and my irrational thoughts.


Do I need to see someone about all this? I really am struggling at times

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It sounds like generalized anxiety to me. My girls have all gone through it and I take them to the family doc who will either put them on birth control to control their hormones, and sometimes advise anti-depressants or talk therapy. I get anxious from time to time and also use Ativan, but that can be habit forming and most docs don't like to prescribe more than a few at a time.

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