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My girlfriend wants to die.


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I have been with this girl for about a year or so. We've had troubles, but always got back up. However, all that effort may soon go to an end.


Every night, while conversating over the phone, she will always be depressed and sad. Or angry and frustrated. She would tell me, 'Why won't you let me die?' and I always repeat, 'Because I want you here.' It's all the same. But now, things are getting worse. Everytime I talk to her, it just isn't the same person I use to know. She's even more depressed often, forming anger issues, etc.


When I first met her, she harmed herself in every way she could. Mostly cutting. But after a while, she stopped because I forced her to do so. But I acknowledge the fact that I cannot choose her fate. And that crushes my heart.


Knowing that she is slowly dying makes me empty. I want to die along side her because she is honestly, the only thing in the world I love the most. She wanted to die for years, but I got in her way. I just wonder if it'll all end like Romeo & Juliet.


I don't know what to do anymore...

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I'm sorry Daedric... do you know if she has been to therapy? She sounds like she might have a Borderline Personality Disorder. If so, she NEEDS professional help and probably medication. There's only so much you can do. I definitely recommend googling "loving someone with a BPD." There are numerous articles about how to talk to loved ones and whatnot. Good luck!

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