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Another crossroads.. unsure where to go!


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Hi all,


I moved to Australia from UK last summer. It was a big decision at the time but only a temporary thing as I am on a visa (temporary) at the moment. It is only valid until this June but I could apply for it to be extended. I don't know what to do. I will be 27 soon and while I've had a good time here with some great memories, I don't know if I want to stay on. I have much more opportunity to develop my career back in the UK. I am not even working as what I qualified to be here because my qualifications are not recognised (costly process). Therefore the only thing keeping me here would be the social life, the lifestyle etc. However, I am really struggling for money here too because my job is not so well paid. If I went home I would have a better job and better money but definitely less friends and I would be living with my parents for a while too. I just don't know what I want. I feel that I am nowhere near where I should be at 27. At times I love the freedom I have here in Australia and of course the weather and lifestyle, but feel that I should be putting myself in a position where I am focusing on my career at this stage, particularly as I miss my old job and the money I had.


I'm pretty much torn. Anyone else been in a similar position? Or any advice? Would appreciate your thoughts.

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I can relate to your problem. I’m pretty much at the same age (28) and I was struggling with advancing in my career, or even obtaining a career at all. I graduated college in 2010 and the following 2 years I was not able to keep a job for more than 4 months, let alone find one that I actually could picture myself advancing at or making decent money. The economy was just bad and the best job I could find was working at a distribution center (warehouse environment) and that’s the job I stayed the longest at. The rest were temp assignments where I made a little above minimum.

Anyways, during this time I was in a relationship and had a few close friends, but I always would feel terrible about myself and my life cause knew I wanted to enter the next stage of my life. I wanted to start traveling to places I had never been before, buy a house, start working toward bigger financial goals. I knew, however I was not financially capable of doing this since I barely made enough to get by. Plus my close friends were advancing in their own careers and seemed ahead of me and I felt we were beginning to grow apart because I still was living as a poor early 20s person. I feel since I had this void in my life it caused me to want to keep clubbing and drinking a lot. Sorta doing everything I could that was affordable and that would occupy my mind. I remember a time where all I wished for was a career type job, benefits and a steady paycheck. I just wanted to get on with my life.


So my relationship ended and I lost a lot of mutual friends and was jobless so I decided to move to another city far away and try my luck finding a job. Well I did find a job that has the potential for a lot of advancement. I would never have been able to get this kind of opportunity where I lived before. However I had to sacrifice living close to my family and friends. I do know a few people where I live now but I feel I am completely having to start over in building my social circle. It sucks, I miss my old life a lot but I feel this is me growing up, and doing what I “need” to do instead of what I “want “ to do.


Being in Australia, I’m sure is an amazing experience but if you don’t begin to start investing in a career you might find yourself in your mid 30s starting at the bottom and having to work your way up. I would first look at ALL your options to try to get your foot in the door where you are at. Even if you have to wait to get a working visa or what not. But if you have a guaranteed great job back home, I suggest you go back and work. You can always fly back, especially when you’re making money.

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