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Feels like I’m the one breaking it off, not her.

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We were together 5 years; it’s been 3 years since the breakup (she suggested it). We kept in contact for the past 2.5 years. I decided we weren’t going to get back together and every time we hung out or talked I felt like ****. I removed her from Facebook 6 months ago I have not initiated any contact with her since. Today I get another message! Even though I have stopped talking to her! What is it?! Why the need to contact me?


This is our correspondence:


Past two months I get a 'hey how are you?"


I ignore it


Then one week later I get a "Hey I saw something made me think of you, blah blah blah"


I ignore it


Then a day later I get a "hey why did you delete me from facebook so long ago?"


Then I think about it, let it settle and I message her.


"We can't be friends, I took you off because it was/is time to let go"


Then she said, "I'm sorry you feel that way, ok. I wish you the best in everything"


I ignore that as well, delete the thread, delete her number.



Three weeks ago I get a "Ps. I'm sorry you feel that way. Know that you can always contact me for anything. I'm not trying to be your BFF, just a being who is here if you need me, Alrighty, well once again, best of everything to you and shall our paths cross again in the near future."


I tell her a few weeks later, "I'm sorry as well, thank you"


Last night at 11:00pm I get a “Hey. Do you go to __________ yoga studio often? I’m only wondering cause I want to start going but I do not want to crowd you”


I don't know why...she keeps contacting me. I should delete her number but now it's just ridiculous. Like she's finding little ways to contact me. I think she's addicted to my responses and then lives off of the power for 2-3 weeks and then has a relapse.

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I'm going through the same thing. And every time I answered my ex (just don't want to be rude), I want to kick myself afterward. I think they're looking for an ego boost / just to see if they can still get under your skin etc.


Next time I will also start delete without reading. I really don't want to be friend with him - I have many friends already!

I answered the text because I tried to be cordial and there's a good chance I will run into him again and again (small town / work in the same company but different building). But I think for my sanity - I will just need to be cordial to myself and stop this madness. I suggest you do the same

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