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i like her, does she like me? how should i proceed with this


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paint in a studio once or twice a week, and theres this really cute/hot girl that is there the same days as me. yesterday, i started a short conversation with her to "break the ice"...... a couple questions.....


1)how should i proceed? i want to be friends with her, and i dont know what my next step should be....


2)i really like her, but how can i tell if she likes me? i hear that there are ways of telling, like eyecontact and stuff, what others are there? what should i look for?


thaks a lot for reading this, please give me youre advice

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I think if you want to be friends with her, just keep talking with her. Start up conversations about what she's interested in etc. Once you get to know her you might find that you've got loads in common and she'll be chuffed you've taken the time to find out about her.

As for finding out if she likes you, it's quite hard to tell but yeh, eye contact is often a sign and so is smiling or slight body contact. Just give it time and keep trying with her.

Hope it goes ok for you!!

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