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Telling My Dad I Quit My Job

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I have to tell my dad I quit my menial part-time job, and admit to myself that my ego is rationalizing things as a defense mechanicism and I'm not entirely looking forward to either tomorrow. So I'm hereby practicing what I'm going to say to him on this post. It's probably needlessly long because he probably won't care as much as I worry, but this can double as a declaration as much.


Plus I have a sneaking suspicion everyone here stopped reading my posts anyways...


If you ARE reading and want to post advice or general well-wishing feel free. 8)



"I quit.


Alright, so I'm working down there for an hour, doing mindless stocking and it hit me. I had thought about these things for a few days, but then it really hit me. I've got a buttload of studying to do this weekend, and I'm wasting my time and energy on a $7 an hour job. If I'm going to work for $7/hour at this time, it needs to be less physically demanding.


Remember what you said when I moved in a year ago and whined and moaned about not having a job, having no friends, wah wah wah? You said not to worry about it. I'm in the prime of my life, and I should enjoy it and relax before work and worry become unavoidable. And now I finally see that. I'm only using this work money for impulse buys anyways, something not too important considering what I already do have, and my learned resourcefulness makes it hard to part with much money now anyways. So I know real soon here I'll need a job just to survive. I should be enjoying my time right now.


I'll take it a step further, and I should have learned all of this in high school; just focus on studying for now. I could save myself from a mediocre job if I properly study. Don't worry about the menial job yet. Don't worry about trying to hang out with the guys, they're all (bleeps) here anyways. Don't worry about girls, because everytime I try to care they're either attached or show no interest in my beautiful "personality" anyways. It's obvious it's not working out right now, so just study hard and stick with that instead.


Where will it lead me? How long will I last? I don't know. You'll probably end up coaxing me into the military if Bush doesn't beat you to the punch. But until then I'm just going to relax, focus on my schooling, go back to the gym, keep the house tidy, and masterbate!, masterbate!, masterbate! my troubles away.


Familiarity works."




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Interesting way of breaking news, if you actually go with something similar to what you wrote....umm....are you just slightly peeved at the moment?


Not doing anything isn't going to help you, so I'd suggest that you find another, less time-consuming job (ie request less than 15-20hrs a week) so you can at least have continued contact with the outside world and a bit of money for whatever you may want to do.


Just tell your dad that your job sucked--sucked your time and your life away so you're going to take a break for a while and then figure out what your'e doing from there....


That's from my standpoint, but I've moved out from my oppressive stepfather and paranoid mother into a small house with an older and a younger brother, so i have to work to eat and do school crap all at the same time......ooops.... I'll keep my problems to my own self


anyway, my 2 cents

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