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I dunno what to do? my gf and i have been going out for seven months now and we running into some difficultys. I seems that alought many problem there are a few key issues. When i call her we kinda sit and on the phone for long amount of time and pretty much say nothing. or she and i both agree are relationshp is kind of boring. We r both still in school and we only get to c each other like once a week. I just wondering what i can do to make us better. it really bothering me since i dont want to lose her. plz help me find a solution to my problem and make us better.



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Why do you not see each other so much? Do you live in different towns?


You could do some sweet things for her. Maybe send her some flowers, or a cute card every once in awhile.


Next time you are together, do something new and fun. Maybe you both aren't phone people. You could talk on messenger, that could help with the quietness. I think a lot of people find it easier to talk on messenger than on the phone. Communication is important, so you need to find a way that you can both communicate well.

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Alright, first, go through all the reasons why you don't want to lose her..write them down. Do you really want to be with HER, or in a relationship?


I only ask because at 16, there is too much to life rather than be with someone you have nothing to talk about with - it should not be that hard! There should not be "a lot" of problems and you should be in relationships with people that you have a great time with


However, if you are sure you want her, there are things you can do to make the relationship less boring. Try doing something fun and new together - like taking salsa lessons together, sharing your interests with her, or vice versa.

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