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The 5 Love Languages


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Read it. It's not a bad book and I like a lot of its ideas, but I'm kind of over the whole self-help industry. That's the funny thing about this stuff--you rely on it most when you're in bad relationships and hardly at all when you're in good ones.


I'm feeling a bit the same about such books, camus. Maybe I overdosed leading up to and in the immediate aftermath of the break up, but I am not inclined to read them these days. However, I can understand that being aware there are differences in how people feel loved would make a difference in all kinds of relationships, not just "love" relationships.

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It's practically the most popular Love and Relationships book in print. I think that's partly because it's so positive and the title doesn't mention problems. So people are happy to talk about it and recommend it and even give it as a wedding present. "How to Rekindle your Dismal Bedroom Problems," or "Obedience Training for Lazy Bastid Husbands" aren't books you'd tell all your friends you're reading. And if one of your friends recommended or gave you such a book, you'd probably be offended. On the other hand, love and languages are nice concepts.


There's a light Christian spin to the Five Love Languages as well, so more conservative people may appreciate that. The book also presents a new idea. A completely artificial and manufactured one, but still a new idea. "Oh! There are love languages? Huh. I better find out what they are."


What the author did was to categorize certain common types of behavior, give them names, and put the label of "languages" on them. It's a very common method for writing non fiction advice books. You categorize behavior, explain it, slap a label such as languages on your program, and call it a system and everyone takes you much more seriously.


But really, it's not a bad book. There's nothing in there that's going to hurt anyone. And some of the advice is helpful, especially for newbies. And it gets people talking.

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