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  1. Tiny Buddha is a great website. I'm currently reading Nick Vujicic's book "Life Without Limits." He doesn't let the fact that he was born with no arms and no legs stop him from doing things and uplifting others. It's really inspiring.
  2. I recently finished all of The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan, and have been re-reading parts that I like most. I think next I will finish Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.
  3. What do you love about it? I saw it at Goodwill one day and almost bought it. Most recently, I re-read The Hunger Games series. As for books I have not finished reading for the first time, there's "White Fang" by Jack London. I loved "The Call of the Wild" back in high school.
  4. It's a good thing I'm single and not looking to date anyone...because I'm still see-sawing when it comes to you. The healing process definitely has its ups and downs. Right now I miss you terribly and I don't know what to do about it, except cry and type on here. I miss how we used to talk on Saturday nights over the phone. I miss how close we used to be, and how much we loved and cared about each other. You said a while back that you'd write, and you haven't. Are you going to keep me hanging again? It hurts. I want our close bond back but I don't know if it's possible. You still mean a lot to
  5. "It is not helpful to put the other woman down. She is a stranger. None of us know anything about her. So what if she is a great catch and they are really happy together? There are always going to be situations like this. I have an ex who is gorgeous and has a beautiful girlfriend. They are very cute together and they seem happy. I have gone though the whole jealousy thing and I have also come to realize it makes no sense to compare myself to her. And, the fact that they may well be very happy together has nothing to do with me. I could also end up in a fantastic relationship...the fact that t
  6. Yesterday was my birthday, and you e-mailed last night. I'm halfway done writing you a reply, but I don't know if I will, or should, send it. On one hand, I want you back in my life. I miss our friendship. On the other hand, I haven't forgotten the hurtful things you said to me before. And you hadn't really acted like a good friend post-breakup. So...what do I do now? I guess I'll sleep on it...
  7. I really miss you. I miss the happy, positive times from our relationship. And I miss our friendship. How is it possible that we went from loving each other to no longer even talking? Maybe I shouldn't think of you every day, but I do.
  8. Why do I still care about you when it's obvious you don't feel the same?
  9. "No one hurts you without your express permission to do so. The more you blame others for your pain, the more of a victim you will feel, and feeling like a victim is a powerless place. "Accept that things didn't work out, that mistakes were made on both sides, and that nothing lasts forever. Your ex did love and care for you, and his words were not empty. "Attempting to re write history to try to make sense of the pain isn't healthy, and is a way to run away from yourself. ALL your feelings about your ex are valid, even your desire to smack him right now. You are hurt and angry and feel
  10. "I agree. For me, one of the big things that I allowed me to really let go is accepting that my ex changed. There was no doubt that for a period of time he truly did love me. His actions proved it. But he became a different person at the end of the relationship. Someone who no longer cared about me. It sucks but I can accept that. And because I accepted that, I let go of him. The person he is now isn't the anybody that I care to have in my life." -manicdogbert Here's another great quote: "If anyone reads this thread with hope that your "person" will come back, please, PLEASE don't wis
  11. I found this quote a while back and saved it. I think this poster makes excellent points in her post.
  12. Well, I read your message. I'm to blame for everything, huh? You said I wasn't happy enough, or confident enough, or worldly enough. You resented me for not visiting when you KNEW I was sick and couldn't go. You felt our relationship was "one-sided," that you put in all the effort while I did nothing in return. You finally mentioned all the "other" reasons we broke up. You brought up problems between us that I didn't even know we had because you never told me. You think I should follow everything you say to improve my life. You talked about your "current girlfriend" whom you're going to break
  13. So today I decided to shut the door on you. On us. To finally move forward. And I felt good about it. Then guess what happens? You e-mail me out of the blue. Talk about a shock. I read your e-mail and I'm not sure what to make of it. Part of me thinks you're being condescending again and part of me thinks you actually care. I just don't know what to do. Should I e-mail you back? Or not? My friends say to give it time to think over, so I'll do that. *sighs* I was all set to burn your letters and give away some items...this has set me back some. I just want to be over you, once and for all.
  14. Dear ex, Today marks one year since you broke up with me. I can hardly believe it. Surprisingly, I'm handling it pretty well. No tears, not even close! (*cheers here*) T says you'll come crawling back eventually, which is possible...but I can't bank on it. I'm moving on with my life and working on the relationship inventory exercise from a great book. I do miss you, the you that I fell in love with, but I do not miss the crappy way you've treated me otherwise. That said, I do hope you find happiness.
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