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Here we go again...

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Alright...heres the story and im gonna give you the long version instead of the short version just because I can.


Well theres this girl that I've liked for about two months now. A couple of days ago I found out she liked me, so I got all happy and now we go out.


Anywho, lately I've been thinking that I might love her, and even though I'm only fourteen I think I know what love is. I've been through it before and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have. Anywho, how long do I wait before I let her know how I really feel about her, because I'm pretty sure she doesn't love me because we've only been going out since yesterday.


If anyone out there has any advice on what to do please feel welcome to let me know. I would appreciate all comments.

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I cant really say anything, cuz I too, at the age of 14, thought I knew what love was all about. That was the biggest lie I could of told myself. You might think you know what love is about, but trust me, there is so much more to the meaning of love, that you might or might not ever see. 14 is a pretty young age to be throwing that "Love" word out there like that, you are going to have girls coming and going thru out all your life, and you have your whole life ahead of you to worry about finding love so soon.


And I would think a little harder on moving to fast, and you thinking you want to tell her that you love her.It would not matter to me if i was 14 or 41, anyone told me that they loved me, after the second day of dating, i would probly come to the conclusion that you might be a little to clingey and eager, you are 14, dont worry about love now, get out there and make these years the best they are meant to be. When love does find you, you will feel emotions a whole hell of a lot more intense than what you are probly feeling now. Love works in many strange and unexplainable ways, dont settle so soon, wait and see what I mean.

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