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I like him, I THINK he likes me

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Hey, well me and one of my friends Joe have always had a flirty type of relationship. Then one day he stopped talkin to me. A month later he tells me that he got back with his ex, but she cheated on him again and so now he is done with her. Well anyways, ever since then its been non stop flirting, for awhile now. We call eachother names and make fun of eachother, whicih I heard is a good thing. Yesterday I saw him and even tho it was for a short period of time i felt like we just clicked really well. I was not shy like i usually am around guys. Last night he asked me to go hang out for a little while, but i couldnt . So tomoro we are going to see eachother. He told me he is making me a CD. SO all afternoon he was asking me about songs I like, and also saying he would just put songs on there he thinks I would enjoy. So that got me to wondering.


The problem is this, I dont want to get my hopes up and think that he likes me, because nothing ever seems to go right for me.


And also am I just taking signals the wrong way, maybe im jsut completely wrong and he doesnt liek me at all.

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its very possible that, like you, he may harbor some feelings but not know how to react to them. this cd that hes making you might be a subtle way of showing that he cares. i say, give it some time and see how it develops. its too soon right now to tell. just enjoy each other...

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