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My New Relationship

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Hi, everyone! I'm in a new relationship now and it feels so great to let go of the past. Moving on has never felt so good!


A friend of mine and I have been really close whenever we got the chance to see each other. Its got to the point where we started holding hands. We are not together although we are the best of friends. We share everything with each other. There are no secrets between us.


Even though things are going so great, I feel a little tension sometimes. When we were around other people I know and I'm with her, I get a little distant. It's like I don't have anything to say to her when we can talk for hours over the phone. I don't know why this happens. Any ideas?


She's a virgin who is very religious. She's never even kissed before. If I was to ask her out, I would be her 2nd boyfriend. I'm not a virgin and as for kissing, anything besides french feels strange. If I'm the one who gives her the first kiss I don't wanna shove my tongue down her throat. I want it to be very special for the both of us. How should I kiss her if it comes to that? Should just hold my lips against hers? I really can't remember how a regular kiss goes .


I have more to say, but I'm gonna take it little by little.

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate all replies!

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as for your non-convo, try seeing how you can integrate her into your conversations when around other people. (ex. "don't you agree, ____ ?") if you really care about her, you'll make an effort to make her feel as comfortable as possible, esp. when out and about with other people.


as for the kiss. just go in slow and gentle with lips only! you dont want her to squirm in discomfort. remember, this is all very new to her. there isnt much science to a sweet, soft kiss. put ur lips together (relax them) and go for it...

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Wow, I love your romantic story. Here are my opinions:

Ask yourself why you feel ackward to be seen by people you know while with her. There is nothing wrong about talking, being sweet or holding your girlfriend's hand. I always think it is such a sweet thing to see a guy showing his affection and caring to his gal. Just relax. When you get too nervous, inhale and tell yourself it is what others always do. It is not against moral or anything. I would suggest you to start with holding her hand first and not saying anything. Why? It's simply because you don't have to find a topic to talk and feel ackward during conversation. Also it takes 5 secs top to do after you decide. I hope you don't take forever to just hold her hand.

Then after holding hand--that means you're half way overcome your shyness or whatever--time to talk like you talk on the phone. Talk for hours. You might want to start where there are a few friends around for couple times. You will get used to that, and thing will get better.

Come to the kiss, my way is to put my lips with a little bit open against her. First just lips to lips, then put her upper lip in between yours. Make the kiss gentle. While you're kissing her, hold her face gently with your warn hands. To me, it is the sweetest and most gentle and affectionate kiss. Don't forget to hold her; let her know your feeling, OK. Keep me post. I hope it works.

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Thanks for the previous advice. we haven't kissed, but i've told her what I told you. Now, I feel completely comfortable with her.


Last night when we talked on the phone, she seemed very disappointed when I said that I didn't have a girlfriend. I guess she got it in her head that we were going out. She didn't want to admit it, but I knew she felt crushed in some way. Is it possible to have someone become your girlfriend without asking her? Asking seems childish to me.


As for talking on the phone, does it really mean something if there is nothing to talk about? This has never happened, but it's gotten close to that. I feel that communication is very important in relationships (something I never had in my last one). Basically, I'm wondering if having nothing to talk about can be a bad thing.

Truthfully, even though we can talk for hours, sometimes I won't call her because I'm a little afraid of running out of things to say.


Thanks for reading!

I would appreciate any advice.

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Hope, this is helpful and not too late. To answer your question, " Is it possible to have someone become your girlfriend without asking her?" It is possible to do so, yet most girls loves to hear it, It is sweet and affectionate... Most important reason is that it ensures which direction the relationship is going. What if your girl never says she loves you to you even once, how would you feel about that? Obviously enough, she is falling to you, man

Even though you don't have anything to talk to her on the phone, please call. Just to say hi; ask her how she is doing; she is missing you... Doing so is showing you thinking of her and makes her feel grrrreat. You will make her day; I guarantee (no money back though). Doesn't have to be long conversation.

Being quiet or running out of things to talk happens with many people even with myself. Sometimes, we feel comfortable just to be around each other without conversation. But let her know that there is nothing wrong with you two, just want to relax.

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