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This WAAAAAAAAAAY hotttt guy!

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Do you know him, like have you talked to him before, or is he just a guy you see in the halls or something?


I think if you don't know him, get to know him first. Just because he is hot doesn't mean he's a nice guy. He could be a real jerk and you should watch out for that. You might be surprised at how a person's personality can turn the hottest looking guy in to a real turn off.


If you do know him, then go for it. You never know what could happen.

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Ok, as an asnwer to your post, I agree with maggie18. Couldn't have said those things better myself.


Ok, and I have a question now that we're on the subject: What makes a guy hot? Is it just the looks? If so, then does he have to be athletic, or would you ever consider a regular body type guy hot, or even one that has a couple of extra pounds? (not saying someone morbidly obese, just a couple of extra pounds, but maybe also a better than average muscle build. Ex: broad shoulders, etc). Is it something you kinda see in their personality/actions too? What makes a guy hot? Their face? A strange combination? I wanna know, lol.

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