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He wont leave my girlfriends alone

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Part of this story goes back quite a while now but there is a really recent bit.


When i was in year 7 -im now in year 11. (english school years) i started goin out with this girl, she was really pretty and everything. anyway as soon as i started goin out with her this boy in my class started flirting with her, he wasnt even trying to hide it, hed admit he fancied her rite in front of me and her wen we were together and everything and before we were goin out hed neva shown any interest in her. I wasnt worried too much cus she dint fancy him or anything but it annoyed the hell out of me. Time went on and we finished up and i moved on.


After tht i got another gf (not straight away, prob year 8 or so) and all of sudden this guy comes bak and he now fancies her, again he makes it blatantly obvious even wen im around. By this time im pretty annoyed because i am the jelous kinda guy and it annoys the hell out of me.


In yr 9 there was another girl i liked and we went out and this guy suddenly appears again, oh guess whar he fancies her! Again he makes it blatantly obvious but she doesnt like him.


Now, in year 11, i have a girlfriend and she means the world to me , more than any of the other girls ive ever been out with, shes amazing and i love her to bits. surprise surprise this guy now fancies her aswell, and hes made it more obvious than ever. And now ive got an anger stronger than ever towards him because she means soooo much to me. I really dont think hes doing it to annoy me, i think he genuinly does like him but it breaks all the 'unwritten rules of dating' like never pursue someone tht has a bf/gf. And also the fact it annoys me more than anything i can think of.


I guess what i wanna know is what can i do to stop him doing this, i h8 him and he h8s me, nt because of this altho it really doesnt help, and sooner or later i fell like im gunna knock him out, which i dont wanna do. Wot can i do to stop this happening?


Many thanks


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You definitely have more patience them me...I don't think it is coincidence that he likes every girl you date. I wouldn't think it was genuine...seems like he has something against you or is jealous of you. Just enjoys doing this to you. I'm not going to encourage violence, but if it does happen...make sure nobody is around to witness it. I only say this because I don't trust people with obsessions...it is easy for an obsessed person to walk down a dark path.

You can also try confronting him with this(privately of course...just in case)


Good Luck


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Whats up young Ice


You could do a couple of things here. You could try talking to this guy and asking him whats up. Ask him if he would like it if you hit on his girl when he was with her.......you could talk it out with him........maybe the reason he hits on your girls is just to make you angry.....did you ever do anything to upset this guy? Why does he hate you? Maybe he admires you and is envious of you and he hits on your girls because he is jealous of you.


The other thing you could do is stomp this fool out....thats what I would have done back then.....but what would it solve if you did? Would that make you happy?

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Ive now found out that hes been calling her and talkin for a while and i feel like im really gunna smash his face in soon, im not the violent type ive never been in a proper fight or anything, its never really crossed my mind but hes pushed me too far. I dont want to do this if i dont have to, who would be best to talk to about it, my gf or him cus if i dnt speak to sum1 I really am gunna hit him one.

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Theres one thing i keep thinkin and that is if i confront my g/f about it, do you think that it will make it seem like i dont trust her, because i do and i dont want to do anything to destroy this relationship because this really is something special but on the other hand i dont think i can just sit back and say nothing. I dont know if its just harmless talking or what but this guy is really annoying me now. All my g/fs friends say that she has no feelings of affection towards him but she does like him as a friend. I dunno wot tot do anymore and i dont know why but its startin to depress me, because i feel like i cant say anything without breakin the trust in the relationship.

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