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Confused... my head hurts

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So its been a little over 2 weeks since my ex broke up with me. He said he just wanted to be alone, then several days later he banished me from his life because I was trying to help him overcome some personal issues too intently I guess.

We had an extremely brief "how are you" conversation yesterday morning, which I initiated. I was kinda cornered (litterly), with him at his locker so I felt rude not to say anything. He appeared very genuine in asking how I've been, but we didn't talk or make eye contact for the rest of the day.

Today his friend talked to me and said he really thinks I should try calling him. Let it ring a few times to let it register on the caller ID, then see if he calls me back. The only thing I really would have to say to him is how much he hurt me by "getting rid of me" the way he did. I really believe he doesn't want me in his life because I don't fit his lifestyle. He is more free to be with his friends and smoke pot and do all that other stuff. But Mike (his friend) told me not to give up just yet. Yesterday in psych, Aaron (ex) was talking about how I used to play with his hair and it'd put him to sleep, and how I used to run my nails along his neck and back.

Am I totally ridiculous for holding on? Would calling him be a totally retarded thing to do? I mean, Aaron said we're over, but Mike insists it's highly likely that he didn't actually mean that. He started talking about how just a week before we broke up, he made this digital art thing of me, the assignment being "what you like best about school". And 4 days before he broke up with me, he left me a voice mail saying he loves me and he's going to be with me for a very long time. FOUR DAYS later, he dumps me.


Just tell me... am I being totally unrealistic? Should I just forget about him, about us? Im slowly starting to move on, but its very hard.

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I totally know what you are going thru. My suggestion, is to ignore him, and don't listen to his friends. Act as if you have completely moved on. Don't bother calling him. In time, he will wonder why you are ignoring him, and not calling him. He will eventually call you to see what you've been up to. He will miss you. Now, how long were you togther? When someone tells you tha he loves you, you take it to heart. Just hang in there. I talk from experience!!!!

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