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OK. I posted once before about my situation but here is a little background just in case..My boyfriend of four years broke up with me about three weeks ago when I would not take his calls during a fight. A few days later he informed me that he wanted to date this other girl. The thing is he still calls asking if I am seeing anyone and saying that he still thinks about us being intimate together. He has told me alot about this girl so I don't think he totally made her up, but I also don't know if he is actually dating her, even though he says he is. Sunday night he called and under his breath he said "when are we getting back together?", but when I asked him what he said he acted like he didn't say it and said he was just kiddding. Well last night he called again and I was in a really bad mood and was not very nice to him. He kept asking me why I was acting like I hated him and stuff but I just brushed him off. Then I got a call on the other line and he hung up. When I tried to call him later, like 10 times and his voicemail kept picking up...I even sent a text message that he did not respond to. Now he is going to know I called all those times! The thing is, I want us to get back together, because I do love him with all my heart, but I also hate him right now because I am hurt about this other girl. I don't know what is going on here. What do you think he is feeling, and what is the best thing I can do now to increase my chances of him wanting me back?

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your best bet at getting him back is "moving on with your life that does not include him". I put this in quotation marks because I know the whole time you'll be dying wondering what he;sthinking and if he misses you. At least at first. You need to go out with friends, go dancing, excercise, make yourself less available to him. HELLO he broke up with you and tol dyou he wants to date someone else? WTF IS THAT? if my boyfriend did that (weve been together 2 yrs and im also 19 like you) I would tell him to go F-himself (although I woudl be dying inside) because after years, after everything weve been through, this is where he gets off at?


The thought of you moving on with your life, and having fun without him will completely torture him, he'll freak out...that is unless he really doesnt want you back and then well he will just not care. It is NONE of his business to be asking yuo if you are seeing anyone, or what you are doing. He broke up w ith you and he is the one who wanted to date this girl he speaks of. Let him have a taste of his own medicine, and at any time that he starts questioning you tell him "its none of your business, we are broken up aren't we?"...it'll be hard not to take his calls at first and not to ask him to come back to you, but trust me it'll work. and if it doesnt, then you'll really know its over.


Don't be mean to him, just get to the point fast before you let him get to you, and always make yourself sound busy and not accessible. Get off the phone with him asap if you do pick it up, say you have plans and need to get ready. Say you have stuff to do. Unless he tells you and asks you to get back together, don't ask , don't beg....if he wants you he'll get you. Men don't like it when women beg them and show they can't live without them.

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