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My girlfriend and I are kind of broken up but we are still talking...


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Last night my girlfriend of 9 months were arguing and it lead to her saying that she wanted to break up with me but she couldnt do it because she felt like she would regret it, so I didnt like hearing that so I said then lets break up. We both love each other and after I said lets break up she still wanted to talk about the problems and stuff for like another hour, then that lead to us just talking about random stuff and it was like we didnt break up. This morning she called me and I picked up the phone while i was still half asleep and she was asking why she always did all the work in our relationship and I was saying how I do care about her and I do try to work on our relationship so again we said how we are gonna break up... Its getting old because I love her and she loves me A LOT but I feel like if we stay together then we will be going through this cycle over and over again of just breaking up and getting back together, and I dont want to be in a relationship like that, and I did tell her that too. She just cant accept the break up I guess because she is still texting me and saying how she wants to kiss me and stuff like that and I dont want to ignore her. I dont know if she is just too attached to me or what because both of her parents dont care for her and its a really bad situation with her parents so I feel like she just doesnt want to loose me because I am all she has. Also I tried breaking up with her a few months ago and she did the same thing, she couldnt accept it so we just got back together. The thing is though is that she holds a grudge on me or something whenever I break up with her and she uses it in our arguments and it makes me feel bad. Im not sure if we arent meant to be together anymore or not because we just keep doing this over and over. I dont know what to do

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