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Did I Make A Mistake?

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My ex came back to me after 3 years of NC before I left for another state for school. She had just broken up with another guy. She wanted to keep things up in the air until we "possibly" could have a relationship. That meant that we both could go on dates, but if I found another relationship she wouldn't "wait around". We technically were friends, but we started to act/fight like we were in a relationship.


After she said that I was too immature to be in a relationship at this point in time and that I was in "limbo" with regards to the relationship status, I gave up. I needed to get over her, so I went NC. She was super mad at that.


I can't help feeling like I was not strong enough to switch to just friends. She seemed fine with it. Am I weak?


I am not a religious person, but I have this superstition that unresolved issues with people will come back to haunt you in the afterlife... Do you ever feel that way?


Is it immature to go NC?


What if she is miserable without me? Is that just my imagination?



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Is it immature to go NC?
Self preservation is never immature as far as I am concerned , but if you were trying to play mind games, then maybe


There comes a time when NC is absolutely the only way to ensure you do your best to get over the emotional turmoil and to cease hostilities and making things worse.

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