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Hi I dont understand what happen :(


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Hi, im greg by the way...


Ok 2 week ago friday me and this lass called Kate met properly- (we have met before and she gave me a nice smile but thats it) every1 was drinking not drunk but tipsey and me and kate really were getting on well on the bus i wanted to get off with her (Snog, french kiss what you want to call it) and she was giving me the look by my x who wanted to get with me was infront so i decided not to... In the end she phoned me up about half an hour after i got in and said u want to sleep at mine with amy (her best friend) and I said ok thinking i was in... Got there got on better started kissing and went to bed not sex but practically everything else... we talked all night and i was thinking all the time "how do i get so lucky!" kate is pretty, sexy, smart and just cool She was saying all night that she was going to finish her boy friend so i didnt really mind beacuse if there relationship was ending why shouldnt our start!


In the morning i had to leave before my X came round and me and kate smiled and has a kiss but didnt really talk properly. later the week she says shes staying with her bf and i Was so upset so i phoned her day after and said let me take you out for a meal and we can talk she agreed. On this friday night the day before i planned to take her out we all went to see the fireworks and I just said is tomorrow ok its gunna be mint and she said "no i like harrison(bf) to much"



SO WHAT WENT WRONG-- she wouldnt do all this if she didnt like me so whats going on??? help im in a mess i've fallen for her big time

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wow.. i couldn't understand half of what you said! i guess im a dumb american.. but it looks like you got yourself in a real fix here.. how did you fall for her so quickly? The best thing to do in my opinion woudl be to step back and let her make her own decisions (as hard as that may be).. you don't wanna be the one who is interfering with her relationship. Plus, if she is capabale of cheating on her current boyfriend, what makes you think she wont cheat on you if the two of you get together? Just something to think about...

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she hooked up with you when she was drunk. it seems more like a one night stand. don't take things that drunk people say too seriously.


it's happened to me before. she's not seriously interested in you, she just wanted to hook up with some one. don't get in too deep and you can enjoy it.

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