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Dating, is easy?

Geniuz khrist

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Who would of thought?


After my last relationship that ended on 11-5-12, I thought it was going to be fairly difficult. Not because of anything in paticular, but because since I was 18 (now 24) I was in a commited relationship and never had to try to get a date. Well it has been enjoyable, and fairly easy. I have gone on 11 dates, 3 with the same woman, and all but one of the seven called me back for a second encounter. Although only two had struck me as my type, and only one have I went out with more than once. They all were pleasent dates and very nice women, everyone of them unique, it was a hard choice between them, I am not a date or see more than one at a time kind of guy, but the one I narrowed it down to is very very attractive in body and mind. She is 28 which is not bad, has a good job, with very common interest's to my own. She finally came over after dinner at the end of out last date just to hang out, nothing happened as we both want to take it slow and enjoy each other in a non sexual way, which I am all for right now. But she did make a half attempt at a move that night, she pulled up my shirt to just below my sternum and said "oh my gosh, are you kidding me?" she was refrencing my abdomen (I love situps and any exercise that reflects well on to my midsection) which was a huge ego boost lol. She left a little awkward after that, saying "we are taking it slow, but after seeing those I am going to leave in a hurry" She called me once she got home to say goodnight, and also said she wants to have me over for dinner later this week, and she said that maybe we could take the next step. I do not know if I want to as of yet (sounds silly) but some things are worth waiting for. So question is, if sex is on the table should I go for it, or wait it out a few more dates?

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Since you indicatedf that she is older (28), and that she pulled up your shirt to see your abs, I feel that she probably is thinking about the potential of sex and doesnt think it as a big deal. This women obviously is driven and knows what she wants. I am also 28 and I remember being extremely scared of having sex with somone too soon. Now that Im older, wiser, worry less I know that I can take control of my emotions a little better and having sex will not equal falling in love or anythig like that. However, if you have a feeling that this is a person you can fall for or you guys can talk for hours without getting bored ect. I would advise you to wait a few weeks. You could always feel it out and start with kissing/making out and see where it leads. I mean if this women wants you sexually, she will let you know! I feel the sexiest thing a guy can do is not totally be forward with sex but ease into it and make me want to take of your clothes first lol.

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