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Really Confused About Some Girl

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Alright here i go


I ve known this girl for about 3 years, and never really liked her until about just a year ago. She's 18 and im also 18 too, so were basically close in a way. She's a very confusing girl, she says that she feels for me, but what im hearing from others is that she's not trust worthy. I really don't knoe if she even wants me for real. I want her and i told her that. We even started kissing even though we ain't together. When she speaks about other guys it gets to me, gets to me so much to the point where when she said she cared about some other guy also i got upset and told her i don't feel for her no more (not true). She asked me why but i said no reason juss don't. She even said she wanted to cut back on the kissing because other people are getting the wrong idea, that also made me a bit upset and asked why does it matter what people say. I guess it's true we can't do that if were just friends, but i still like her alot and i want it continue without any sort of strings attached. You know sort of like friends with benefits, she says she doesn't want that but keeps proceeding to kiss me. I even backed off one time she tried to kiss me and asked why is she doing that if she doesn't want too. she said fine and left.


I honestly need to know what should do,

should i give her a chance and risk getting hurt or should continue playing games with her while styll being a friend.

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