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lost And confused


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So ive been off and on with this guy over 10years. ( the friend zone )so to speak but its diffrent . Make a longstory short he knows how i feel about him, he just did time in jail i wrote him and stayed in contact with him . My letters even told him how much i loved him, i would move earth if i chould for him ... so he gets out of jail,we started spending alot of time together . More than we did before , i feel something change n . Its good tho . Umm he callin me everyday , im getting i love u , i miss u , im like ok i like this .he also been dealing with some issues family wise , ... so im havin a get together im like hey come over meet some my friends hes like im not the guy u dont wanna bring around your girlfirnds . Im like its a mix boys and guys . So he didnt come i was upset tofind out his grandmother passed away . This made things bad . Dwn hill from there he started actn funny. Not the normal i lost a member funny but funny .. he stop aws my calls and txts , still do , when he txt back its simple ok , yes. Or nothing at all , if he pick up ill call u back , i pourd my heart out too dude all he said was ok , done this a few times i get ok , im like im not dealing with dis bs im cuttin u off , he say ok if that .... then he pick up we tallkin he say he needs space everythin goin on , plus we moved way to fast , im like ok huh u went with it .so hes like calm down , im not talking to u cuz i dont wanna bump heads with u . I love u blah blah . O i left out he has a key too my apt that he wanted .... so im like ok then im tryn be there for him when his gm died i got thecold sholder , even now he dont call or txt me , he on fb tho ..... this guy was mybff and he knew what i wanted and he act like he wanted it too . Idk wat to think , cant sleep , just went back to sleep n my bedroom , cant think , eat i feel life has no meaning . I didnt do anything wrong or did i ? He said i didnt i cant tell



Help me out what yall think ?

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I am having a hard time reading what you are describing....I am a little lost, sorry


I will just give you advice on what I could understand that is going on. If he is pulling away then he is doing it for a reason. It seems that he is right, you moved too quickly into the I love you stage. Maybe he thought he wanted you more than he actually did when he was in jail...once he got out he realized he didn't need you every day and it got overwhelming. Give him space and give him time. Don't blame yourself, it's his issue. He either gets over it and you two are happy or you move on and find someone that will treat you better.

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Not really , he knew how much i cared and loved him before , he allways knew ,so in jail after time things started grow n , when he got home they started grow n more and more , i didnt rush , he was the one calling me when i didnt call him , i did it not to put alot on him or make him feel like u kno . He start act n like we was a item ( with out the name ) then bang stop he like i dont kno her lol .. and u have a point . Thank u i hope u rite

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