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LDR boyfriend decides to move countries for me but breaks up 1 mth before moving

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LDR boyfriend quit his job in September and found a job in my city. The plan was for him to move beginning of February.

Then at the end of December he breaks up with me.

I’ve just found out he’s actually here and I feel like my heart is being squeezed.

We spent 1 and ½ years trying to be together (we used to live in different countries) and now that he is here we are not together.

I’m so devasted. He is so close but so far…

I want to get over this but it' so difficult to know and feel he is around...

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Did he give you a reason for the break-up?


I am so sorry you are going through this, I went through something similar...it was me moving half way accross the country...I had to go to court to move my children and the day before court he broke up with me. He gave me a reason, he told me that after 2 years with me he decided he wants to have children of his own some day. I met him when I was going through cancer, I cannot have children anymore. He spent 2 years after the cancer with me knowing I couldn't and when reality hit him that I would be moving there he called it off. I was hurt and angry but I understood why he felt the way he did.


You will get over him some day...time heals, hang in there.

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Once again this proves that people have to be honest with each other, not use each other.. my ex used me for so long, then replaced me with another guy. It hurts so much, but in the end you cant force someone to be with you. I gave more then I received and now Im the one paying the price, it just shows how committed I was though, thats why this is harder for me and for you, because we were more invested in the relationship. Learn to appreciate yourself and learn to live with the fact that you can take your time now, you can call all the shots in your life rather then making someone else try to fit into your life. Good luck!

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His reasons: 'i don't think it's going to work' and 'i don't love you enough' being that 1 day before the BU he was telling me he loves me.

I know words are just words...

But he also moved jobs and countries for me....just to break up 1 month before the move.

It's SO hard!


You do not think he had another woman in place as a backup?


Or maybe he made the move for himself and not for you. What countries are involved here?

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No. I'm sure he doesnt have another woman.

He quit his job in France to come and live with me in the UK. He doesnt even like London very much....he just wanted to be with me when he decided to resign...

And now he is here. And i'm here. And we're not together.

I cried this morning....and I can't get over the fact we are living in the same city.

I'm finding it really hard to move on.

Plus I'm 37 and think i'll never be able to find anyone...

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Plus I'm 37 and think i'll never be able to find anyone...

You will. Life doesn't end at . I'm older than you and I used to feel that way, but remember you're not the only one aging. Everyone else is as well, so your soul mate (if you believe in that) is still floating around out there. Go find him.

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