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We met, kissed and then she disappeared.


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My and a friend recently went out to some bars/cubs to have a few drinks and a good time. While we were out to spotted a pair of pretty girls at the bar and worked up the courage to go talk to them. One seemed to be into me and we ended up sitting at the bar together talking the rest of the night until closing time (about 90 minutes or so). She was pretty cool and it seemed to me that we hit it off an that she was in to me. She gave me her number while we were talking and put her name in my phone.


At the end of the night her friend asked me if I was going to kiss her and mentioned that they drove separately and that I should walk her to her car. I don't know if she was hinting that I should go home with her or anything, but I couldn't do that regardless since I had to drive my friend home who was pretty wasted by then. I did walk her out to her car though and we hugged and kissed for a little bit. As I walked away I told her I'd call and she said she was looking forward to it.


The next day I was busy most of the day but I shot her a text in the evening just saying hi and that it was my number in case she wasn't sure. She never responded back, and I ended up calling her later that night a couple hours late around 9pm, but it went to voicemail and I didn't leave one. I've yet to hear back from her and it's been a couple days now.


Do I try calling again? She seemed interested in me and everything, so if she's ignoring or blowing me off it doesn't make sense, does it? Why kiss me and tell me to call if she wasn't going to respond?

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I wouldn't try calling again. You've texted once and you've called once. If she's interested, she'll get back to you. She might be trying to filter if you're the desperate type or not, and calling again would not work in your favor if this is the case.


If she's blowing you off, there could be any number of reasons. Maybe with a little alcohol in her system she was okay with being flirty and kissing you, but then didn't feel good about it the next day. Maybe she's not emotionally available. Maybe she does this with men all the time. Who knows? Doesn't do you any good to dwell on the whys, anyway.


But it's only been a couple days. Maybe she hasn't had her phone lately for some reason. Maybe she's been ill. Maybe she's been dealing with a major problem. Etc, etc.


Just give it some time. Also, in the future, wait a few days before you call a girl who's given you her number. This is a commonly accepted 'rule' of dating, as silly as it might seem to you.

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Ahhhhh to be young again! I wish I had a dollar for every girl I kissed in my youth after meeting in a club.


Like LikeWater said, she probably got something else going on that has nothing to do with you, and if she wants to contact you she will, so just chalk it up to a kiss from a stranger and move onward

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