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What should i do to make a good 1st impression to girls


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i am 15


most of my life girls didnt think i was attractive but lately my looks have changed to the point where girls think im one of the hottest guys in the room,,but the only problem is im kind of shy and dont know many ways to attract girls. since i wasnt very good looking i never had much self asteem and never really tried geting girls cause i always felt i wasnr good enough but now even my friends tell me all i have to do is impress girls + my looks and i will have them all but im not sure how to impress girls or attract them


please list some ways i can make girls feel good around me or like me


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Ok first from my experiance it was not because you not good looking it was just that your fifteen and most girls are getting to know themselves better and understanding what they really want in a guy. I am assumeing that you are a freashman or sophmore in highschool. Take some girls and some friends out bowling are shoting pool. Movies are also good. When your in a group of other guys try and stand out, dress nice, fix the hair and make sure you don't stink. If you interested in a certian girl mess around with her. Meaning see if she is ticklish or anything to porvoke touching. try and always avoid that period where knowone talks think of something that happened even if u think it sounds dumb. Oh and have the night planned out, every girl likes it when they ask you what (we're going to do tonight) and you already have it palnned out. if you have any q's feel free to email.

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hey from a girls perspective...if you see a girl that you kinda like dont act really shy try not to. Then just try to be funny like joke around with her. i love guys who have a good sense of humor. But dont try to hard cause that can get annoying. just be a little more outgoing. Also like give a girl compliments. Good luck!

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Yep in agreeance here...if there's anything hotter than a guy with a great and cheeky sense of humour I haven't really found it. But with saying this, try to avoid being arrogant or getting caught up in the moment and saying something you'd regret. Just be yourself also...don't try and be something that you're not cause we'll find out. Dressing well and smelling good are also great things. From what I can tell you've already got them looking...try and get them laughing.



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