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hey guys first time here, so hope you welcome me. anyways i met this girl about 8 weeks ago and things got really good, she put her no in my phone and we hit it off really well.

after talking and talking i reaised that she ahd broken up with her ex bf over a year ago casue he cheated on her and she comes from a divorce family just liek me and would not take her back. so i told her u know i understand where ur coming and i'll be there for you and help you get through things and all as freinds. but then we started liking each other and spent so much time over the phne texting and calling ever day. she has like a short temper and would lash out on me and say things sometimes taht she doesnt eman and then she would call and apologise and would taek her back just liek that. when she was sick i would buy her pjs and send her a puic of it jsut to cheer her up.


so i really like this girl and she would say that i am the one for her and i cant believe i met such a hot guy like you and that ur everything i want in a guuy. she would also every now and then make plans with me and then bail out on the last min and last sat i said its not fair that u bring my hopes up and my excitement and then u just crush it like this cause u dont feel comfortable getting out of bed. so she told me to get ****ed and i dont want u as a friend and i dont want u in my life. then she rang me abck a few hrs saying shes sorry and that she misses me and she always does that. sund came and i didnt hear form her ecept a pic she sent me and i tried contacting her but sher would pick up and thats when i ahd enough and said look its time yuo go my way and she go her way and i mean it this time around. she rang me back 10 times and send me so many texts in a row. then i finally pick up and just explaioed myself and said look is there a chance that when u get over ur ex that you will be with me and she said i dont know and she saiod can we be freinds im like i dont want tto be ur friend and yeah. then i rang her monday night and we talked and i apologised and she said she misses me and i said i missed her too and yeah things came great again then on tuesday i sent a her a pic of mne and she said no pics its inappropriate and that only text and im like why is it inapproprioate and that things seems like they habnve cahnged, and shes like things have definitely changed and that she goes by emotions and i rocked the boat.


so i sent her a text and said i need to get rid of my feelings for you and that one day maybe i can be the friend u ned and she said i dont mind space and anything u need. and i texted her a few hrs alter saying look i dont want u out of my life and that i dont care if u take 2 years 3 years or 5 to get over ur ex i want to be there for you and and all. then she said she will call me in the arvo. and she did and things were ok again. wed i bought a new car and i took a pic and sent it to her and asked what do you think, and shes like a cars a car and what yr modle is that and that i cant believe u were full talkin it up like i wanted to drive that not not classy at all.


i didnt reply and text her a pic of a dinosaur toy that we bought online together that just arrived at my home and she said stop man im really not lcicking with you anymore and that everything u do just pisses me off and that i'll call you when im ready. so ir ang her and she said im not interesed and that i dont like you any,more and i dont want to be your friend when just last fri she said im everything she ever wanted and she more than likes me and she needs me. so i rang her abck and she wouldnt give me a chance to explain and said i dont care i dont care and would keep interrupting me and said i dont want u in my life hung up on me. i rang her abck 10+ times and she dint pick up oin arow i might add and an hr later i sent her a text saying that girls like you only wants *******s in ur life and ur brains too dumb to appreciate anything good when its around you , girls like you will always end up alone and that i cant believe i wasted my time calling and idiot like you. pklease dont call me again and please dont ring me again good luck you/ll neeed it.


i regretted saying that and bout 6 hrs later i used my mates phone cause mine died of bat and i wanted to apologise for saying taht she dint pick up and she rang back on taht number and i answered and i buckled and she said stop calling me. and then my amte said pass him the phone and he texted her saying look its raulios friend and we just watned to talk and we asked if its ok with her. and she said keep away form me if u not she will get the authorities invloved and charge me for harassment and that if my freinds wants to get invloved the too will be charged. and she is short tempred and always says things that she doesnt mean and out in anger. so anyways after that day i have not contacted her at all and she hasnt to me either its been 2 days now. i wrote an apology letter thinking if i should send it to her a month after no contact.


please advise guys and tell me what u think and if she will contact me or not. first girl i opend up my heart too and she did the same as well. maybe she just ahs too much emotions going around and she might call me back?..

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It seems that way but she's always happy one min sad one min angry one min and she's a big softie, and she said as well so many times that she really likes me even last Friday she said I more than like you talking about how to propose to her and all.

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