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What would a guy want on valentines day?


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So we have been dating a bit more than a year. Idk what girls are supposed to get guys on vday. Last year I didn't give him anything since we had been dating for about a month but he gave me perfume which I actually wear and he didn't even know he knew I wore that brand haha. I've just always not known what to give a guy on v day that they might actually like any suggestions?

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I've always done/bought something for my guy over the years for Valentine's day. Nice underwear, treats/candies, a nice travel mug or coffee cup with his favorite drinks, a massage bar from LUSH [unreal and amazing!] with a massage technique book, last year I pre-planned a year for dates for us to enjoy for the next year [we are married, so its a little different in that regard!] and this year I just bought a crap load of lingerie with clues and rules...since every year he says "Buy something raunchy..."


I don't believe it is a Hallmark holiday. I think its a day in which you can spoil your partner just that much more.


If Valentine's is the only day you do something nice for your partner, because you HAVE to, then that's sad. I see no harm in doing something a little sweet and nice above and beyond what you typically do. Its a day to celebrate love

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