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She's driving me crazy

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Hey all,


My ex gf broke up with me 3 months ago while studying abroad. She shortly started dating someone else (about 2-3 weeks) later. She came home about last month and we have not talked much since. If you would like a more in-depth story, please look at my previous posts. We dated for 2.5 years.


I pieced stuff together and figured out she had a boyfriend (pictures of fb made it quite obvious). I was texting her the other day and she kept talking about him. She did not know that I knew about him. She mentioned she was planning to move in with him (they've only been together for like 3 months and he's been abroad for 2 of em) and I said, "oh, moving in with your boyfriend already?" She then tried defending the fact she has a boyfriend and telling me everything that they did abroad and their plans for the future in attempts to make me jealous. I congratulated her on her new relationship and left it at that.



She messaged me yesterday because she heard I was "upset" ( I was more upset a couple months ago, I feel SO much better now) and told me why she wasn't outright with her relationship with him and tried to make it better. However, she is angry with me. I met her brother a couple times after we broke up cuz we were good friends. He sent my ex some angry messages on how she broke up with me and how he thought it wasn't right. My ex is angry at me because I apparently "came in between the two of them." However, they are doing really well now and have no problem with each other. When we talk about our relationship and me wanting to meet up, her texts are angry. However, when we talk about random things (she congratulated me on training for a marathon) her texts seem quite happy.


I'd asked her to meet me a couple of times because I have things I want to get off my chest. She broke up with me over Facebook while abroad so I didn't have the opportunity to say much, it was a quick break up due to her wanting to be single and travel. She has said no because she's too angry to meet me and does not want to be friends.


Why is she like this? She's asking mutual friends about me, has told them that she misses me, and asks them about my facebook account (I unfriended and blocked her a month ago). If she cares and feels guilty for what she did, why is she acting this way?


I have no intention to get back with her or be friends with her at this moment. I feel like I need to say some things to her and give back her stuff so I can move on.


Any ideas?

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I think you'll drive yourself less crazy if you just accept that she doesn't want to talk about the relationship and move on. Yep, a breakup over FB is cruel and doesn't give you much opportunity to make your case, but if she doesn't want to talk about it you can't force it on her. Sounds like her stuff isn't that important to her. If you really want it out of your face, give it to her brother. Sorry, but she's only driving you crazy because you are letting her.

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What more needs to be said? She's a selfish b-word. She broke up w/ you over social media and then took every opportunity to rub your face in it. She's an attention ***** and wants you to be jealous.


Throw her sht in a bag, leave it outside your door and tell her to come get it. With mutual friends, be clear that she is your past and that you want NOTHING to do with her.

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I'd still like to be friends with her though. I understand that we can't be friends right now, but before we started dating we were good friends for 2 years. I've accepted the fact that we weren't right to be in a relationship but she was actually my best friend - I feel like I have no one right now.


By going NC like this, does it help regain a friendship? I know her relationship with this new guy will not last, he is EVERYTHING that she said she didn't want in a boyfriend.

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