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Well Sh*t


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So I just hung out with my ex for the third time. We had a good time and finally the discussion came out about us hanging out again and what we were doing. She said that we both needed more space. I figured it was kind of weird since we had been talking again and having fun with each other but she said that by us hanging out and talking it was holding her back.....Holding her back from what? Well apparently holding her back from moving forward with her life. I respected her decision....again, just as I did when she broke up with me. I never begged or any of that stuff. I finally got my closure though, she said that she got to a point where she could live without me(after 2.5 years) and basically broke up with me because of that. If you are serious and can live without the person then whats the point right? I asked her why she kissed me when she broke up with me and she said she didn't remember doing that.....Yea it definitely happened.....F*%king twice!


I took the end of tonight to tell her how I truly felt since I figured that we might not see each other again. I told her how much she means/ment to me and how I really did think she was my somebody. We were planning on getting married and just weeks before the breakup she was showing me rings....little did she know I already f&^king had one!


I am going to give her the space she has asked for. I actually feel good after finally after three months getting the closure I needed. But.........I still love her and I still think she is my somebody....


Thoughts? Questions? Comment below(me)

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Sadly it is not uncommon for a dumper to want to keep hanging out with the dumpee with no intention of reconciling. They are just weaning themselves off of the relationship. You took it the classy way and as much as it hurts for it to be over, you can hold your head up high that you didn't beg, plead and show weakness. You showed a lot of strength. One day she may look back on this and regret it...but by that time you will no longer care.

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