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Blah, more guy problems

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Ok so I've known this kid for 3 years now, and we started really talking and getting last year. I've been giving him (Josh) advice on girls and he's been giving me advice on guys. So about a month and a half ago he got a girlfriend and I was really happy for him but at the same time I really wanted to tell him I liked him. I had since about January but I never got the guts to tell him. So one day (after they broke up, they only went out for about a week) I told him I liked him and he was all like ok, cool. And dropped the subject. But he's still totally upset about this girl breaking up with him, he says it's the 1st girl he's ever loved, shes the best thing that ever happened to him and so on. So seeing that I had given him advice before, I did it again. So I was all like it's ok I'm sure things will get better and if she was the best thing that ever happened to you why is she making you feel like this? and he was like blaah I still like her and stuff. But yeah I went to homecoming with him right after they broke up (my homecoming, he goes to a diff school) and we had so much fun and it was unbelievable. Then I saw him for like a split second friday at battle of the bands but I didn't want to talk to him because after I told him I liked him I didn't know if it would be the same or what. So I was talking to his/my friend Zack and hes like come on talk to him but then my friends wanted to leave so I never got a chance. Turns out I met Joshs ex (Danielle) at battle of the bands and didn't realize it. She was hanging all over her new b/f and gary informed that that shes quite a ho. So me and ryan were texting last night and I was like was Danielle there? and he was like Yeah she didn't even say hi, she was all over that b/f or whatever. So I tried to tell him I've heard stuff about her and she's not worth his time and that he can totally do better, but he just won't listen to me--he thinks its his fault she dumped him and I just can't stand it!!!

He flirts, he laughs, he calls me all the time, we talk alot, I've told him I liked him..he said "It might work for both of us soon" but I don't know if that means we will find people to go out with, or we will get together, whatever. But what I want to know is does he like me? When will he get over this girl that I've tried so hard to help him with? God, I just want to know what's going on in his head!!

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well,as a guy,i think you are doing the right things,its just that we guys can be just dumb!


i think it will just take time.i think the fact that you told him at the time you did wasnt good because he was getting over the hurt of the last relationship.just let him heal and be there for him but maybe not as much as you would do normally.maybe then he will realise that you are as important to him as you say you are.then his feelings may come out.


hope it goes well.take care.

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