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Crush dating best friend

Me sad x

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Hi i know im only young but im stuck ,

People are saying that shes only done it because shes desperate but the guy which i don't i don't know weather i like him or not as im just confused atm but every time i see them together i just want to go home .... im a bit stuck how feel but before they went out we were great friends and wed sit next to each other and mess and stuff and just talk and since he been going out with her hes ignoring me and just acting weird , i try making conversions it always ends with me looking bad and i always embaress myself

they both wound me up saying (joke) that they didn't need me anymore since she had my guy friend and all his friends said u jealous they had no idea it was crushing me !

i thought it wouldn't be very serious but there going out on a date soon and

since hes ignoring me i just want to forget it all now and move on weather he likes me or not

what should i do

no one knows and i dont want to tell as all theyd do it gossip any tips please .....



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Well girl, you really need a spell check there.

Half of your thread was hard to understand.

He ignores you because maybe he knows about your feelings.

You should really just move on. He doesn't like you, and he doesn't want to get into a relationship with you.

Sometimes, you just cant get a person to like you. There are plenty of guys out there, and many of them single, you can get anyone(not anyone, but, understand). There will be plenty of guys better than him in almost every aspect, who could replace him for you.

Don't think much about it. I am in a similar situation, I know how hard things can be.

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Sorry to say, but he infact does know about your feelings, or he atleast has been hinted about it by someone.

I know the delicate situation you are in. You should just cry out all your feelings for him. Best thing to do. It helps heal your heart, and maybe, you might soon find someone better than him who cares. Believe me you will.

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i saw him today and he was right near me and i again tried to make Conversation and it just went down hill and he lied to my face and after when i saw him he just looked at me and carried on walking , and im drawing the line now ! im going to start to not make a Conversation and just leave it now no matter how much i want to ..... and i hope its soon that illl meet someone x

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