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You only get one .......

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People think they can make friends that easily well think again , i don't mean to be anti social but there are no friends in life , we are all connected on common interests and common enemies in career , sport , or whatever but when you truly need help you never get that , everyone of us only gets one true friend in life , we try to expand that but we can't its just how life works , and i think the best way to cope with this is not put yourself in situations in which u will depend on people and then they turn you down so basically you need no one's advice , or help or money or whatever if you are superior to yourself .... let everyone prevail their own way .

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maybe that's how it is for you. i have had a couple true friends before. no, i am no longer friends with them all, but a long lasting friend is not necessarily a true friend. in my opinion, a true friend is somebody who knows you through in through, who's been there for you in the worst of situations, and vice versa. if you stop believing that you could have more than one true friend, then you're probably not going to find any more.

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Well you have to take into consideration what hes saying. I understand him totally. I would say there are more than one true friend out there for each of us. But will they have common interests and values? Very doubtfully.... lots of times your true friends just use you - even though they can act "true".


I was in a situation where the best friend I ever had, he was always there for me and knew everything about me and vice versa. But..... one day I was on 4-way with 2 girl friends and we called him and were gonna play a trick on him. He didnt know I was on the phone, I was on mute. He was on there and all he did was talk trash about me! I dont ever remember feeling down anytime in my life as I did then. It really hurt.... so it came to be that he really wasn't a true friend, even though he had all of the qualities.


In my opinion, you really are lucky to have one TRUE FRIEND that you will keep all throughout your life. I know VERY FEW people who have. But they are definitely worth fighting for.

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