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my husband and have been together for about 8 years and we got married a little over years ago. about 6 monthes into the marriage i got tired of him not wanting anything to do with me or for me because of the computer. he had to be on the computer. i worned him i was leaving but he did not work. i left any ways. i did love him and i no he loved me. he wanted me back but i was angry and i could forget the crap that went on. 2 monthes into the breakup we both started seeing someone else. the guy that i was seeing i broke it off because i was still in love with my husband. my husband was still seeing his girlfriend.butt they broke up 3 times in the 2 monthes that they were seeing each other. each time he called me right after she broke up with him. the third time they broke up he went crazy he pretty muched wanted to know everything that she was doing. he also told me that he might be in love with her, becuase she is nothing like me. her first name is the same is mine. he wanted me around while he was trying find himself or what ever you call it. after all said an done we decided to get back together. everything is not the same at all. i don't trust him and i believe him at all. he don't want to have sex at all. i no his not cheating but something is wrong. he is worst than ever when it comes to the computer. he still has some of his exgirlfriends stuff at his aunt house.he also has a kelogger on that girls friends computer. he gets very upset when i snoop to try and find out what he is doing on the computer.i changed his yahoo password and he told me that its none of my business what he does on yahoo and that is his email address. don't mess with it. i don't know what to do. i still love him and i don't want to break up agian. i don't get anything at all. except every once in awhile he tells me that he loves me. we haven't had sex only once in 2 monthes. he tells me its not me. what else to exspect if not me.and i no for fact he is not leaving the house to get any. will someone give me advice on what to do.thanks

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what your husband is doing is unacceptable. he is cheating on you emotionally esp. keeping his ex-girlfriend's stuff and spying on her as well! That's horrible. you say that you broke up with hur husband b/c of the computer- was he doing anything suspicious that time around- such as looking on web sites for other women- or was he just internet addicted? if you two were just dating, I'd say get out now! but you two are married for 8 years and i think it's always worth salvaging, if possible. tel him really nicely that it really hurts you that he isdoign this to your marriage. i don't know how you handle it, but tyr to work through tit by going and seeing a marriage counselor, if he still says he lvoes you. but he cannot continue this behavior. there's only so much you will stand for.

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