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My latest move! Pretty good so far


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The past couple of years I have moved around for school. Post graduation I moved 1500miles away for a job. 6 months later my job has me moving to a new location. I have accepted that I will probably be a little 'nomadic' for the next few years, but I'm 24 and willing to put up with it because in the long term I think it will help.

I had JUST gotten pretty settled in my new city. And on thursday I had to pack everything up and move to a different state. I'll be here for 5 months before I move again to a new location, where I will be for about 1.5 yrs. After that TBD.

Anyway, I was a little bummed about moving down here because I had started to make some great friends. And they were all sad and wanting me to stay and have goodbye parties. Very sweet folks. And I was getting kind of close to one of my coworkers-well he was getting close to me- but it was probably a good thing I left because he was a little too in to me. Great guy, but at the moment I don't want to be dating a co worker.


Anyway, I have been down in my new town on my new job a couple of days. The work down here is a lot of hours, but the crew is great. And I have already met this great fun guy who is my age. Not that I plan on dating him or anything, but I'm very happy to have met some people to just hang out with. Last night I was helping him him do some farmwork, just chatting and killing time. Everyone who I work with is an old construction worker...sooo, nice people, but not the kind of demographic I want to spend any free time with!Despite being sad about leaving my new friend in my past city, this move has gone really well.

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