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I'm not sure what to think about what's going on with him...


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Hi, I'm B. I'm 20 and living with my boyfriend (29) . We have been living together for nearly two years now..

He changed.. he says he hasn't but he has.. and I don't know what to do. Every time I tell him I'm not happy like this he is fine for a day or two and then everything gets back to "normal" .

Everything is pretty normal but I don't feel like he is interested in me in THAT way as much as he was.. We don't hold hands anymore.. We don't have sex as much as we used to.. and when we do he just nod off straight away afterwards..

Is he not attracted in me anymore? Or what's going on? Am I doing something wrong? We want a baby.. but will this be like this? Everyday is pretty much the same, he leaves to work, comes home, eat, watch TV, shower and go bed because he is so tired.. I understand.. but who isn't tired.. most of the people work and they still LIVE theirs lives..

What should I do?


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I know everyone does.. but what am I meant to do.. I am trying my hardest.. but if I don't get any response back I don't want to look like idiot and keep trying and pushing him.. for nothing.. it changes for a day two and then everything goes back to same routine.. we have been together for 1,5 years! It is supposed to be fun and we should enjoy ourselves..

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I don't think you should say "I'm bored." He could be taking it the wrong way thinking that you are bored with him and not the routine of the relationship. This approach would only cause more problems instead of helping you find solutions. I think this is one of the downside to living together. He comes home from his daily routine and he knows that you're always going to be home. I know you work and all, but if you both don't have extracurricular activities outside of the relationship aside from work, of course things will get boring. Also, if you say you're bored, he may also feel the same way.


Maybe you should suggest a fun date night every week where you both try something different. He may be tired, but maybe on a day when he doesn't work you guys can do that. If he works all the time, then you might need to be creative and do something fun at home like cook together, work out together, and end it all with some tender loving care Also, him going straight to bed after sex is not always a bad thing. I know you might want to cuddle afterwards, but I think for a lot of guys, they use all their energy for sex and so after that, they crash.

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