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Missing my ex


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long distance


that could be a little tough but yes as Rosa said there are ways around it.


i will love it if you could have a look at my thread on 'Want My Ex Back. Did i Ruin the chance? or could this work in my Favour?' and see if you have an opinion on this.



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I had a dream about my X last night & he was trying to get me back.

I debated about creeping his pro & eventually caved in.

He's still single, but has *****es.

It didn't really bother me, thank God.

Maybe the dream is self closure of some sort.

(Even though you were with him.)

Who knows lol

Keep strong.

it's over.


But it's over.

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We dated 6 weeks broke up due to long distance, second time spent 3 days together did not get together due to me being married and him still liking his ex girlfriend . Now we're just friends and the reason he cited as not to be together is that he is in Hk and I'm in Texas. We're connected online but that's not really a relationship. He has asked me to marry him once and once asked me to move to London to be with him.


I just thought I'd clarify if anyone seems interested in my story

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