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Sexless marriage .

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Sooooooooo, here I am again (remember me from my affair , described in 'Infidelity forums'.


Well, this morning my wife invited me for a walk at the crack of dawn (finally !!!) and we did a little talking.


We talked about work, future, and I brought up the issue of our complete lack of sex (It was not like that before) and a number of things got cleared out, or better: the lamest excuses ever for not having sex!!


1- There is time for passion, there is time for friendship (calling Dr Kervorkian?)

2- Her carreer is stressing her out

3- She is fat


Ok, that is my marriage ...


It was not like that before.


So, sexless marriage will work, but hell that i will be a sexless husband



And to think that i was feeling bad when i had my affair, what a sucker i am.

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