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Hi All,


It has been over a year now since my 6 and a few months relationship ended. What began as a heart wrenching experience has developed into one of the most eye opening soul searching times of my life. I remember the days, coming onto these forums, looking for anything that would make me feel better, that would show he was coming back. But as the nightmare unfolded and lies revealed I came to these forums for a different type of hope.. that I was not alone in my pain. My nights were no longer spent with him, my days did not have a phone call from him and suddenly there is this "empty" time where all that is there is tears, memories and questions, so I had to find a healthy outlet and something I loved.. so I began writing....


I started a blog within weeks of the breakup. It allowed me to just get it all out, share my story and heal, without doing anything too dumb... If you would like to share in my story and share yours, you can go to link removed


I hope each of you finds hope no matter how and that you take your pain and turn it into something magnificent

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It is good to know you are fine. It is always good to know when good things happen to good people. Venting feelings in a blog is quite a catharsis.


Here is an idea. We use to meet people who are similar to us. How is the perfect person you may like to find? Make a list of what you want and what you do not want. Check yourself against that list. Do I match the full list? It provides a great opportunity to grow and meet people who allows you to grow. Get close to those who make you be a better and happier person, stay away from those who are an anchor and a drag.


A healthy relationship is when two already happy people decide to share their happiness, like partners in a trip. It is not about saying "make me happy" when you say "I love you". Love is a decision, not an emotion. In a healthy relationship, you need because you love (you may run away but you are there because you want), instead of loving because you need (that's not love, but attachment to an object).

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